5 Year Load Tests Elevator Service Corporation can perform all Florida State five year load tests and inspections. These tests are required by the State in order to ensure that your elevator can lift its rated load at its rated speed. These tests also ensure the integrity the hydraulic system, including the cylinder, oil line, valve and tank unit. Elevator Service Corporation can complete these five year load tests, along with numerous other repairs often required by the State, during the same day, saving you both time and money.

    Hydraulic Cilinder Replacement Most hydraulic jacks installed in the past only have a single bottom and were placed directly in the ground. These in-ground cylinders are prone to corrosion and electrolysis which can lead to small leaks or catastrophic failure of the entire hydraulic system. Updates in the elevator safety codes require that replacement cylinders have double bottoms, which minimizes serious safety and environmental risks.Elevator Service Corporation can replace your single bottom cylinder with a double bottom cylinder which is tape coated and installed in a PVC liner. The thick PVC liner surrounds the sides and bottom of the cylinder and protects the cylinder from ground water electrolysis. We also install a thick rubberized tape coating as an extra measure of protection. Taken together, these measures almost entirely eliminate the risk of catastrophic failure. Whether your hydraulic cylinder is currently leaking or you are taking proactive measures to ensure against a catastrophic hydraulic failure, ESC has a solution will increase the safety of your passengers and protect the environment.

    ADA & State Compliance Over the last several years, there have been substantial State and Federal Code changes. The public accommodations and commercial facility portion of the Americans with Disabilities Act became effective on January 26, 1992. Building owners and managers have had additional responsibilities placed on them which include elevator compliance.Whether you are upgrading the service of your elevator or performing building upgrades, Elevator Service Corporation can evaluate and help bring your building's elevator up to current ADA code requirements.